Horse Sense: What’s next for dealmaker Ravi? Sexism?

Having Councilman Michael Russo in the fold and your special guest at a Hoboken Democrat Committee meeting has its privileges.

And it has its obligations as the backroom wheeling-dealing with Russo on the Church Towers Pilot is a major conflict but for the conflict-loving mayor, no problema. They’re not throwing in the towel over a conflict. Last year then-councilman Ravi Bhalla never sat out on City Council action when his law firm clients came up. He had to be told to by his colleagues “you’re conflicted” and he kept mum regarding both NJ Transit and Suez.

It’s not too late to see the light. It’s just there are so many deals to be cut and higher political office to be sought. Why be bothered by mere conflicts?

One recent “deal” Mayor Ravi Bhalla didn’t make was to let a sitting councilmember who offered him lots of great ideas opposing NY Waterway speak at the citizen’s rally last Friday at Maxwell Place Park?

If a councilmember happened to be kept from publicly speaking at a citizen rally right in their own representative backyard and happened to be a woman, would anyone think that’s sexist?

Well, if the councilwoman representing Maxwell Place and the second ward is silenced, there must be a good stipend why.

Ravi Bhalla is very unhappy the Hoboken City Council last week saw a bizarre “stipend” to pay overtime to his two mayoral aides who hold salaried positions in City Hall and collectively said, “nice try.”

Who did Ravi Bhalla take out his solitary wrath on last week when the sordid little scam got collared?

One councilmember, one uptown representative elected by Hoboken residents who also happens to be a woman.


“No woman may speak at the citizen’s rally at Maxwell Park without my say-so. I don’t care if she is the elected representative of those Hoboken residents. No OT “stipend” for my salaried mayoral aides, then be quiet woman!”

Dual job Ravi is cutting lots of deals but how much loot is actually coming into his coffers with that Republican law firm contract?

Does the Corporation Counsel know? Does Michael Russo know? How about the Shadow?
So many questions, so many backroom deals, who can keep up with how much loot?

One deal not being done is the former Mayor Zimmer Suez deal. On that front, Ravi Bhalla may have no choice but to unravel a so-called debt in millions “owed” Suez.

Unlike a whole lot of other deals with PACS, Michael Russo and big construction unions this one may actually benefit Hoboken.

Well, that would be a good thing. So let’s hope Ravi gets that deal offered “undone.”

There’s your good news.

This Horse Sense editorial is dedicated to all the Ravibots who look the other way. Got Reform?

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