What’s the damage?

Early reports suggest this year’s parade was much improved from last year.  Of course that’s all in the eyes of the beholder.  If you or your property were a victim of bad behavior, you’ll probably not care a whit if overall arrests or ticketing was down.

Still we’re hopeful to see the overall numbers.  A lot of this is of course highly personal.  If you live in the downtown area, there’s less likelihood you get away unscathed.  Uptown and you are in very good shape most likely as the bars are mostly downtown.  If you were in midtown around 7th Street, it’s probably a mixed bag.

The weather helped early and late as the temperature dropped into the mid 40s.  Saw lots of guys out in t-shirts and also without jackets.  Dashes to cabs were not unlike a scramble at night in Manhattan.  The other big factor keeping crowds down this year was probably the economy.  Let’s see if that plays a factor in some of this.

Although the crowds were smaller overall, there seemed to be a lot more public boy-girl drama.  MSV ran into numerous episodes of public fighting among the sexes and some wailing too.  We sidestepped most of it but gladly accepted the high five requested on 7th street from a very cute blonde.  Hey, look me up girl.

And of course you can share your feelings on the sights and sounds one way or another.  That’s what free speech is all about.  On that note, we’d like to salute our colleague the jolly green giant at the Hoboken Journal who exercised it with relish.

Police Chief Falco should be putting together a report and it’s hoped it will be available today.  Word on the street is his fine performance both in planning, execution and example led to a better result.  Let’s wait and see.

Photo: An early muffin top casualty of the St. Patrick’s Day excess.  This woman in cutoff shorts had two friends holding her up outside Moran’s just after the parade’s conclusion.  Perhaps she never made it in.  As MSV got the picture, there was heavy foot traffic going both ways on the street and one girl remarked, “Nice shot” seeing the pic get popped.  Hey, she was cute too.

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