What me worry?

The barely there City Council meeting Wednesday night was a deflating affair.  One neutral observer gave a prediction for high drama and a two hour war but the actual meeting took only about an hour.

Even Councilwoman Beth Mason’s minion crafted prepared speech fell flat, lacking the usual twisted plethora of distortions, half-truths and outright fabrications.  It doesn’t help that she read it in a monotone as if she was herself seeing it for the very first time.

The sparsely attended meeting carried an air of anticipation but there was something very much missing from the room.  The gas was out of the tank before it even started.  Some are questioning why and Da Horsey is one of them.

Michael Russo – something on his mind.  He lobbed one of his
typical bombs but was it planned?  Accusing the mayor of “robbing” the taxpayers
was somewhat odd considering the Russo family’s enrichment from same.

Councilman Mike Russo arrived late but that wasn’t the heart of the issue for him in the short meeting.  He gave it a go trying to mix it up with Finance Director Nick Trasente but the Director has seen that routine and wasn’t playing.  The spat didn’t get far and for Councilman Russo, there seemed to be other issues weighing on his mind.

MSV did a brief interview with him on the Russo Civic Association’s status.

More on that later.

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