We now return you to thee story: Councilman Mike Russo accuses Mayor Zimmer of wheeling

There’s just so many goodies coming out of last Wednesday’s marathon meeting Da Horsey is sitting here with a pile of tape not sure which one should be next.

Well there’s more to come so let’s go to hit ‘next’ on the videotape.  Here’s Mike Russo taking Hoboken on a politrickin ride of wheeling accusations against Mayor Zimmer.

In this clip, Mike Russo interjects to respond to his name being raised, a courtesy Beth Mason gives him automatically as he wishes.  She doesn’t extend the same common courtesy to Councilman Peter Cunningham on the introduction of his anti-wheeling ordinance.

As the audience audibly groans at the added time for Mike Russo’s politrickin, he lashes out at the idea the anti-wheeling ordinance will be raised again during New Business.  Earlier the obstructing Council of No: Mike Russo, Terry Castellano, Tim Occhipinti, Nino Giacchi and of course Beth Mason voted down on first reading the proposed anti-wheeling ordinance sponsored by Council members Peter Cunningham and Ravi Bhalla allowing no introduction for the benefit of the public.

Mike Russo vociferously complains the topic will be introduced again – this time with an introductory comment by Peter Cunningham, exactly what the Council of No has fought in anti-democratic fashion to avoid.  (Later the first speaker during public portion Patricia Waiters will ask why the public is given no right to speak on the matter.  Beth Mason explains it has to reach second reading.)  Of course that’s the whole point, Beth Mason, Tim “the fraud” Occhipinti and the Council of No don’t want any discussion whatsoever let alone from the public on the matter.

As Mike Russo spews his usual bombs falsely equating a joint campaign committee as a PAC in attacking Mayor Zimmer, Beth Mason’s and his political operatives yell out approval and applaud.  As soon as MSV’s camera turns to the audience, they all immediately stop – including the Mason411 minion who is in the rear left of the video.  It’s absolutely hilarious.

Mike Russo then makes a further attempt to accuse Mayor Zimmer of wheeling a donation from County Executive Tom Degise.  It’s so laughable, the audience and council members are egging him on to say the amount.  He finally retreats and yields the floor to Peter Cunningham who is awaiting to introduce his ordinance.

It’s all politrickin friends, it’s all politrickin.

Talking Ed Note: Mayor Zimmer refuted both Mike Russo’s and Beth Mason’s accusations asking for an apology.  Last heard both of them stood by their accusations without further comment in the Hudson Reporter.  No story has appeared getting to the bottom of any of it.  (MSV wishes someone would who gets paid to actually do such work.)

Mayor Zimmer embraced the accusations by Mike Russo enough to suggest he should then join others on the City Council in passing the anti-wheeling ordinance if he feels her “wheeling” behavior is wrong.

With that final flurry, let’s score this one Mayor Zimmer -1  Mike “Politrickin” Russo – 0.

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