“We love the FBI in Hoboken” now over 100 members

A Facebook site touting its love for one federal law enforcement agency has reached a benchmark going into triple digit territory.  The group “We love the FBI in Hoboken,” is an open group accepting new members who love having the Federal Bureau of Investigation in town.

Among recent topics are “where are they a year later,” a November 2nd event planned for Northern Soul revisiting a get together to reflect on a record setting amount of alleged absentee ballot fraud by the Tim Occhipinti campaign.

Reports of 500 ballots submitted with well over that in paid ‘campaign workers’ gave relative unknown Tim “I’m Independent” Occhipinti a victory over incumbent Michael Lenz, a political heavyweight who was a member of an alliance of reform minded council members implementing Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s agenda for tax relief and a brand of honest government.

Other member posts highlight the purchase of FBI hats, an article on the mayor acting properly to invite the FBI in to review illegal data theft in the city’s computers systems and the battle by certain City Council members to ruin the FBI’s investigation.

Some of the questions swirling for months involve the attempts by elected officials and their political operatives to gain access to reform friendly writers’ emails in Hoboken.  Beth Mason and Mike Russo tried without success to gain access to tens of thousands of emails from the mayor’s staff with an eye on any communications between their office and the writers even after the FBI came to Hoboken.  MSV was near the top of that list and offered to read some of the emails at City Council meetings, but no interest by Council members was expressed to do so.

The FBI last made a show of force in Hoboken the Thursday leading into Memorial Day Weekend when they swooped on City Hall and carted away computers and boxes of documents.

There’s been a lenghty uneasy period of silence, at least publicly since.  In the interim, there’s much conjecture on what’s been dubbed “the Data Theft Ring,” with questions swirling around certain people in town including members of the City Council.

MSV directed specific questions to Council members Beth Mason and Mike Russo on their possible illegal access to emails/documents but each refused to comment or deny they had obtained access to private data of others and the City of Hoboken.

Talking Ed Note: One person in the line of fire from all sides of the political divide in Hoboken noted there’s a high degree of chatter after the ugly Wednesday night City Council meeting when the Beth Russo hydra went all in to see Hoboken’s hospital sale to Holdco sabotaged.  The hospital runs out of money October 7th.

This person noted their disgust with that action adding there’s discussion in the Old Guard circles, an expectation “the other shoe is going to drop.”

For the record, some speculate Governor Christie’s intervention in saving HUMC may lead to ongoing outstanding investigations in Hoboken.  But those have been taking place for quite some time and before May’s FBI show of force.

MSV Premium Content has detailed its findings from numerous sources but will not note them here at this time.

An earlier series on rampant absentee ballot fraud, “City for Sale” will be published on MSV soon.

Original Data Theft Ring graphic courtesy Grafix Avenger

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