Waterfront emergency resolution on deck

City of Hoboken announces:
An emergency resolution regarding funding for inspections of the Hoboken waterfront will be before the City Council at tonight’s meeting.
The resolution appropriates $334,395 for divers to inspect all publicly accessible properties along the waterfront. The cost includes $86,775 to inspect City-owned properties and $247,620 for all privately-owned, publicly accessible portions of the waterfront. Mayor Zimmer announced the resolution at a waterfront infrastructure community meeting on Sunday evening which more than 60 residents attended.
“When it comes to the state of our waterfront infrastructure and ensuring public safety, we need to fully understand the condition of both publicly and privately owned properties by paying for our own divers,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “It is important that City engineers have first-hand knowledge of the condition of the entire waterfront. I hope the City Council and the public agree that it is critical that we inspect not just City-owned properties, but all publicly accessible properties along our waterfront, regardless of who owns them.”
The City Council was informed two weeks ago that divers would immediately begin inspecting City-owned properties per a State of Emergency declaration issued shortly after the collapse of Sinatra Drive North. To date, divers have inspected from just south of Sinatra Park and along the waterfront promenade to Pier A as well as the short section south of Pier A up to the NJ Transit property that was closed as a precaution last week. As a result of the review, the City is reopening this section of the waterfront walkway on Tuesday morning. Divers have also begun to inspect Pier A.
Since residents are concerned about the structural integrity of their buildings, Mayor Zimmer requested information from Toll Brothers and Applied. Toll Brothers provided notice from their engineers stating that “any possible deterioration of the bulkhead(s) does not constitute a threat to the stability of the buildings.”
An additional public meeting to discuss waterfront infrastructure issues is scheduled for Monday, November 22. The location and time will be announced shortly.
A timeline of events dating to 1995 related to the recent collapse on Sinatra Drive North has been posted to the City website at, and the page will be updated with additional news and information regarding waterfront infrastructure. Residents who are unable to attend the next public meeting may also with questions.

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