Washington St. repave and speech suppression on tap at City Council

 Tonight’s City Council meeting is like a double feature of a children’s movie followed by a horror show.

First, we will learn what reaction is to further examining a proposal by the Administration to repave Washington Street. The overhaul will come in at $9 million and needs to be bonded. That means six votes.

But the mayor only can reliably count on five council members to consider her proposals as MORTe acts as a united hydra with multi heads to vote down proposals requiring six votes with regularity.

At the last City Council meeting, Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti, Michael Russo and Terry Castellano failed to provide a vote among them to upgrade the HOP buses and provide better transportation for seniors and the handicapped at reduced cost.

Now Hoboken’s business community will be watching to see how MORTe treats them.

Then the horror show follows with an ordinance brought to the table by Tim Occhipinti. Although there’s no co-sponsor listed, everyone knows it’s Beth Mason and her money who paid for some law firm to package it. It’s their latest effort targeting one Hoboken mom’s zoning board seat who outside of that service to Hoboken pens a website.

You might have heard of it; it’s called Grafix Avenger. There she’s skewered everything from Beth Mason’s phony resume to Timmy’s less than stellar performances in council meetings along with their bottomless retched hypocrisy often with her uniquely penned graphics.

She also volunteered to join the FBI and go around arresting crooks in Hoboken. We’re not sure who this made more angry Timmy or Beth Mason.

Tonight you’ll get to see how much.

Councilman Peter Cunningham will also become the new Council President when the meeting begins at 7:00.

Documents for the meeting tonight are available here:

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