Trampling the Old Guard’s corruption

For the corrupt Old Guard and yes we’re aware that’s an oxymoron of hyperbolic proportion since they don’t like to think of themselves as corrupt but merely entitled to the spoils (and quarters) of the political system, the slumber is almost over in public terms as Los Federales will be making Hoboken their special domain in 2012.

The warm up phase is about complete and Patrick Ricciardi’s opening act and his colossal mistake in thinking he could funnel the entire confidential contents of the mayor’s office to “the Hub” among others is about to pay dividends and untold riches – just not what they had in mind.

As self-delusion runs deep within the Old Guard and their political operatives, it’s going to come as quite a shock to see their world turned upside down, much as the trampling horses bearing down on these guys in this scene from “Warhorse.”

For others, getting over the shock will be vastly less difficult.  The discussions with their lawyers and “negotiations” with the US Attorneys Office in Newark coincide with keeping up appearances that all is well as they attempt to retain the reins of power and point the finger at others in the hopes their status quo won’t change.

Don’t bet on it.  The Feds are in charge and are not your Hudson County friends who turn a blind eye to your criminality and attend your self-congratulatory celebrations where you trade awards with each other on Columbus Day as Man or Woman of the Year.  This even as you collectively worked to literally bankrupt Hoboken and see the hospital closed in the most craven act in memory since the arson of the 70s and 80s.

Your time is nigh.

2012 is on tap as Hoboken Year of the Feds

Talking Ed Note: As this war horse went to print, the latest Hoboken revelation from Grafix Avenger’s deep throat has returned from a long hiatus since the Feds struck City Hall last spring heaping heavy insights on the Old Guard being put on ice.  
Uvula notes:
Cant comment to much at all about who may or may not get indicted.  Too many folks talking over each other and about each other and no one trusts anyone too much these days. Folks are starting to look after themselves first. You haven’t seen the Russo Civic Association reopen anywhere have you? 
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