Voting hits final stretch with 6th ward polling well

6th ward polling at the Calabro School is ahead of the pace at this time compared to the May municipal elections – this based on a first hand account taken with three hours left to vote at the polls.

“That Jen Girl” is impacting the 6th ward vote.

The Calabro School polling station is home to Councilwoman Jen Giattino who endorsed Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder.  Since taking office, “That Jen Girl,” her moniker penned by Russo insider Deep Uvula on Grafix Avenger has built a steady positive influence engaging the neighborhood in several community cleanups.

Based on the higher vote counts running 30% more in 6-5, the ward appears to be more engaged.

Three more hours folks!

Councilman Dave Mello just sent out another email blast noting the timeframe.  Others may wish to do similarly with the hours remaining to remind friends and family to hit the polls.

Hoboken Now is reporting the 6th ward is doing well while the 2nd ward – represented by Councilwoman Beth Mason is flagging.  As of middle afternoon the vote tallies are:

1st ward –  453
2nd ward – 445
3rd ward – 554
4th ward – 482
5th ward – 467
6th ward – 489

The totals do not include the massive 4th ward paper tallies of 574 and 1220 citywide.

Talking Ed Note: A Hoboken Now story attests to confusion on Ballot #2.  Three street workers wearing “NO’ t-shirts stated they were given the shirts by Assemblyman Ruben Ramos and appeared not to understand the rent control ordinance.

Way to go Assemblyman Ramos selling out the peops!  Hudco Machine Respeck!

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