The 4th Ward Appointment Vote!

Zimmer coalition puts Mike Lenz ahead. 4-3-1.  Bhalla, Mello, Marsh, Cunningham – yes: Giachhi, Russo, Castellano – no.  Beth Mason votes present. Query to counsel.

Counsel Bozak rules Mason’s vote can be considered affirmative as present or the mayor votes to get a decision. Mason does not like hearing this, she’s vehemently shaking her head no.  Kleinman says try to reach consensus or mayor can vote yes but some legal challenges may be available. But he agreed the mayor can vote to approve subject to legal review later.  He concurs with Counsel Bozak too.

Mason again voices request for a 4th ward citizen review. Carol Marsh politely disagrees. Crowd applauds. Mason mouths quietly “ok” inaudibly to no one in particular.

Mayor Zimmer votes yes breaking the tie. Mike Lenz is sworn in as 4th ward councilman.

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