Vote by Mail farming down drastically and poll worker voter suppression

Reports coming in early this morning point to major problems with alleged voter suppression tactics at the Brandt School and uptown Hoboken.

Poll workers who ought to know the basics of voting rules when engaging with the public have been causing delays by asking voters for ID based on eyewitness reports.

While about half of the United States has voter id laws and many countries such as India and Mexico, New Jersey is not among them.

Hudson County Board of Election officials are reportedly heading to Hoboken to correct the problem with some Hoboken poll workers.

If you intend to vote after work, as long as you are in the line to vote by 8:00 pm, you will be allowed to vote even as the clock strikes past.

Provisional voting: If for any reason you are asked to vote at the polls by provisional ballot, be sure to ask for both ballots. Apparently, there are two sheets for the general election and the school board.

Vote by Mail Drought

MSV is exclusively reporting that Old Guard Vote by Mail farming is down drastically out of senior building areas and the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Last year, in the fourth ward in the area of the Hoboken Housing Authority, Vote by Mail ballots in the 4-3 district generated 114 submission but as of yesterday that number is down 70%  to only 34.

In the Hoboken Housing Authority area of the 4-4, Vote by Mail ballots submitted have dropped to this point from 88 to 40, a 55% reduction.

Contrast this to the sizable increase across the Mile Square City in a presidential year where Vote by Mail usage is up almost 33%! An organized effort is being made to alter longstanding “practices.”

Word of a late push for Vote by Mail to arrive quietly en masse is suggested by some sources and MSV has previously written in 2013 of a bus shuttling people from the west side of Hoboken.

Voting problems:

If you wish to report an issue of concern, please send all photos and comments to

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