Vote-by-Mail ballots front and center in Monday hearing in Hudson County Superior Court

Monday hearing to feature challenges revolving around controversial Hoboken Vote by Mail ballots

Front and center Monday in Hoboken Superior Court is the battle over Vote by Mail ballots thrown out by the Hudson County Board of Elections.

Of almost 300 contested ballots, some are finding their way back into the tabulation on the ballot question of rent control last November.  MSTA is taking a tactic of looking at ballots mostly out of the Hoboken Housing Authority and have them reinserted into the tallies with the HFHA in opposition.

After the election, the MSTA “yes” position on curtailing rent control failed by 122 votes.

There’s some odd tentacles if these weren’t already shadowy enough; there’s word another organization has been in the center of serious financial transactions based out of Clifton NJ.

The firm according to NJ ELEC reports is Bluewater Operations, owned by political consultant and former 2011 Beth Mason for council campaign manager Ryan Yacco.

Bluewater is also the firm where Beth Mason moved a massive amount of street monies for a council
ward race back in 2011.  The total was $52,000!

The murky swamp has led to new questions begging for answers.


MSV filed an affidavit on the case surrounding its investigation in line with the Hoboken Journal for Operation Bounty.  Relevant information was turned over to the Department of Justice.

MSV exclusively reported the DOJ was in Hoboken investigating the election back on election day on November 5th.

Beth Mason’s connections to Bluewater Operations include its owner Ryan Yacco acting as the campaign manager
for Mason’s 2011 council race where $52,000 in street money contributed to an astronomical $160,000 spent on a ward race.  He’s been to Hoboken subsequently for other work on behalf of Beth Mason.
Is the more than 20K in 2013 to Bluewater part of some laundered effort in VBM?

Talking Ed Note: Where are all the campaign workers from the “Let the People Decide” political campaign?  There’s barely over one-hundred listed on ELEC. It certainly doesn’t account for the funds flowing to Bluewater Operations before and after the election of more than $20,000.

Does Beth Mason think the public has a right to know?

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