Voices and Pictures from the debate

With the first ever Hoboken debate made available in real time, there’s no 48 hour blackout period after a debate where others tell you the results, sometimes in contradictory ways.  MSV feels making the information available and allowing the public time to digest it as their schedule dictates is more important that pumping out insta-analysis.  In April, the BoE video was presented in the exact same way, without editorial comment.
Here’s some pictures from the event and select quotes from some in attendance:
The candidates sat on opposite sides and were on opposite ends on many issues.  
Occhipinti Campaign Manager Jamie Cryan
“Tim came prepared and Michael came ready to attack. This election should be about issues, and a sitting councilman, with the full weight of the mayors office and a county patronage position, should have accomplishments to speak of rather than personal attacks and sideshows. It’s time for an independent voice and new energy in the 4th Ward.”
Jamie Cryan statement on behalf of Occhipinti for Council
Some of the crowd in attendance.  For an event of such importance, there was plenty of seating still available
Sam Briggs, campaign manager for the Lenz for Council offered this statement:
The 4th Ward Candidates Forum was last night and the difference between Mike Lenz and Tim Occhipinti couldn’t have been more clear.  

Last night’s debate proved what we have been saying for this entire campaign.  Tim is not ready for prime time and will impede progress.  He has a dangerous lack of knowledge on the issues and during this pivotal point in Hoboken’s history, we can’t afford to let Tim have “on the job training.”

Mike doesn’t need to convene a panel to know where he stands on the issues.  Mike has been listening to his neighbors and standing up for the 4th Ward for years.  4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz is standing for the residents of the ward and bringing straight talk on how to lower taxes, fight overdevelopment, end flooding, and finally bring a park to the 4th Ward.

Councilman Mike Lenz

4th ward candidate Tim Occhipinti
2nd ward residents Patricia Waiters and Tom Greaney posed after the event
Councilmen Lenz demonstrated a strong and thoughtful grasp of the issues facing the 4th Ward and the entire city of Hoboken. He is clearly the most qualified person for council.  
2nd ward resident Tom Greaney

After the debate, Grafix Avenger took on a new investigation, Perry Belfiore’s hair.  
Given the build up to the event, the only hair raising moment occurred when I first met Nancy. 
Perry Belfiore

Picture this: far left Councilman Dave Mello, center Occhipinti Communications Director David Cruz and far right Perry Belfiore listened closely to the candidates
Councilman Mike Russo stood near the entrance for a spell

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