Vince Lombardi’s pre-City Council meeting address

While trying to get some photos of the sea of yellow shirts filling City Council Chambers before the meeting, we captured some video with PBA President Vince Lombardi addressing members and supporters.

After we had a brief chat and discussed some of the concerns he felt were not being heard by the public.  His main point was the report the union prepared was not fairly evaluated.  He said the report was perhaps too long and an executive summary was missing and would have been useful.  He accepted an invitation to have it posted here if one is issued.

Talking Ed Note: The discussion with Vince Lombardi was cordial and polite.  If he (or anyone) considers MSV to be one of the blogs providing inaccurate information, there’s no problem here providing a forum for that discussion too.

Looking forward to it.  Hoboken deserves and demands an open discussion of ideas and MSV is insistent on providing it without censorship.

If you want to see the video full screen in high definition:

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