Video Tribute to Hurricane Irene and attack of the Hipster Doofi

Late morning Sunday, the eye of the storm passed and the tail blew to the side bypassing Hoboken completely, sparing the town more rain.  The sun came out shortly after before noon and emerged in our midst a new species of hipster doofus, clad in almost knee high rubber boots.

This new group surfaced to take the streets in full hipster regalia, even though if they sported their typical foot ware: flip flops, they wouldn’t get a toe wet.

So prepare yourselves, they could be back.  Hoboken is under attack of the hipster doofi.

A collection of hipster doofi assemble among a group of unsuspecting men in flip flops
Another man in flip flops walks with a group of hipster doofi possibly being led to his doom
Another man in flip flops walks dangerously near a hipster doofus 
A dog decides to make a run for it to escape from its hipster doofus owner
An unsuspecting man walks unawares of a hipster doofus on an intercept course nearby

Here’s a video put to song by Hudson County TV of North Bergen and Hoboken:

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