Freeholder Romano: ‘HR story claiming upper Sinatra roadway at risk incorrect’

Hudson Reporter claim – Uptown Sinatra Drive at risk due to Hudson County hiding 2011 report

A report in the Hudson Reporter yesterday suggested Hudson County is putting upper Sinatra Drive at risk due to delaying an underwater inspection of an the area between 14th and 15th Street.

In a phone interview this morning however, Freeholder Anthony Romano called the report incorrect.  “The roadway is safe.  Divers will be going in to perform a routine check of the area next week.”

A Hudson County Freeholders meeting on Wednesday is the claimed source of the revelations but the details along with the report were not available.  MSV is awaiting obtaining the actual report.

Another person familiar with the area in question says the repairs required were already made for 13th and 14th and the new inspection is scheduled for above that portion.

Uptown pier extending away from Sinatra Drive.  Is there a major problem lurking underneath?
Conflicting reports are not in agreement on the question but the Hudson Reporter story yesterday is incorrect
based on an interview with Freeholder Anthony Romano this morning.

Talking Ed Note: Oddly, this story surfaces about a year after the Old Guard in Hoboken tried to pin blame for the problems on upper Sinatra’s collapse on Mayor Zimmer.  They claimed she had been warned earlier about risks to the area but the charge was not true.

Update: The initial story here this morning mirrored the information from the incorrect report but an early interview fixed that problem.

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