Up to bat: 2012 Budget in City Council @ 7:00

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Tonight’s the night, well the night for the Hoboken budget to reach a grand finale for 2012.

MORTe looks in line to do its usual worst and vote no.  Then again why vote yes when voting no and doing nothing on the budget is so easy and comes at no cost.  (MORTe never comes up with cost reductions.)

Expect a litany of false information from MORTe and Councilwoman Beth Mason who will have a prepared statement of her “own stuff” to back her list of falsified information handed out at yesterday’s uptown ferry.

Hey, it’s just business.  Sabotaging Hoboken is always MORTe’s business.

There could be a few surprises too.  That’s Hoboken too.

Talking Ed Note: The only contribution MORTe has attempted to make to this 2012 budget is getting a pay increase.  Tim Occhipinti the big O in MORTe wanted more money but the council majority did not agree so Tim will have to rely on propagating his usual misinformation via Facebook or put up some of the council salary to pump up the volume and misinformation in the fourth ward.

The council majority that actually did real work on the budget through the hearings when most of MORTe was AWOL, will be providing the votes to get the job done.

So what else is new?  Well plenty and MSV will have more on that too.

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