Unglued and undone: a political operation gone sour

Video is back! This opening segment of the meeting runs less than 19:00 minutes.
This is better quality than previous with clearer audio and captures a continuous unedited segment from the start of the meeting.

The undoing of a political operation and hijacking the meeting for “public safety” failed to stop the HHA special meeting

With the onset of the HHA special meeting, it didn’t take long for deploying Old Guard tricks in a vain attempt to salvage the Banana Republic of de facto leader Carmelo Garcia and all the goodies that goes with it.

Previous standbys for the Old Guard deployed a plan to derail the meeting under the guise of “public safety.” Mere minutes into the meeting after Councilwoman Beth Mason declared the publicly noticed meeting “illegal” for failure to house all demonstrators brought in to save the Executive Director’s contract, Bayonne resident Nick Calicchio would hijack the microphone stopping the proceedings. (Approximately just over four minutes into the meeting.)

Although Chair Dana Wefer followed saying no one could take over the microphone to stop the board’s business, no one acted on her comment as Calicchio was then joined by the self-appointed master of ceremonies, former Hoboken resident and 4th ward councilman Chris Campos. Their tradeoff of stopping the meeting and hijacking the microphone continue unimpeded right through the stoppage.

Wefer is heard later saying Calicchio is a disruption but he continues to present his theory of public safety concerns.  (MSV can be heard in the background joking that safety would be better served if Nick Calicchio is not there.) The police officer in the frame admonishes “be quiet” as Calicchio pushes the narrative forward.

The public safety “issue” would be quickly picked up by Carmelo Garcia. As meeting secretary he calls the roll to record votes but here he refuses to call a vote as instructed by the Chair; a tactic he’s used whenever the insubordinate whim suits him. In this case, Garcia would state he’s obligated to offer his soliloquy to the Chair.

The speech is greeted with some enthusiasm by those in attendance.

Acting Police Chief Eddie Garcia in the confusion of Calicchio’s meeting hijack takes the microphone to inquire if theres a question. A discussion on public safety follows.

The Chief outlines his view on those potential concerns. He says should the meeting be deemed problematic, action will be taken. He also asked if it would be possible to move the meeting to a larger venue to accommodate the large group of people outside.

How the police would be able to handle a larger venue is unclear. Soon after, the meeting would degenerate into a raucous affair of yelling and screaming making it impossible to conduct the proceedings.

Talking Ed Note: Carmelo Garcia, Chris Campos and Nick Calicchio were clearly launching an organized plan to shut down the meeting and prevent a vote on terminating an at will contract. Later, the crowd would chant repeatedly “shut it down.”

That two former Hoboken residents could manage to launch the plan in the council chambers repeatedly interrupting the meeting was classic Old Guard 101, by any means necessary.

More to come.

Video courtesy intrepid photographer jhnny “to the butter” newman.
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