UDD Clash, Nixle tells Hoboken to take “disciplinary action”

A clash between the City of Hoboken and NY Waterway at the scene of the former Union Dry Dock took place yesterday late afternoon.

According to an exclusive report appearing on the Hudson County View, two NY Waterway boats appeared docked. Final permits have not been issued and resulted in action from the Hoboken Construction office. From the HCV story:

Mayor Ravi Bhalla and Second Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher were on the scene at the time of the action and posted to twitter on the matter.

Councilwoman Fisher backed the mayor’s action:

The clash is the latest in the disagreement over NY Waterway using the former Union Dry Dock as a maintenance site and City of Hoboken which wanted to see UDD converted to additional waterfront park space. It”s unclear how the latter is possible short of intervention from the governor’s office in Trenton.

On the political front, Nixle which turned into a less than savory political vehicle in the mayor’s office earlier this year issued a letter giving a message to the City of Hoboken, the mayor’s office, the City Council and the Hoboken public.

To encapsulate, Nixle was clear it’s in the business of being in the generic announcement business. They  are not unclear about wanting to stay out of dirty politics in Hoboken. Their letter references numerous public complaints. A resolution passed overwhelmingly by the City Council 7-2 stating it “respectfully requests Mayor Bhalla to stop the practice and no longer allow any employee to abuse the Nixle service.”

Nixle and its parent company Everbridge say leave us out of it writing it “makes no determination” as to the violations cited. They add they won’t opine on a letter out of the Corporation Counsel’s Office siding with the mayor’s office but Councilman Peter Cunningham did at the last council meeting, disagreeing with the conclusions drawn.

The vendor closes with a strong admonishment however reminding the City of Hoboken (and by extension all its officials, elected and otherwise) that:

“… it is the City’s responsibility to take any corrective/disciplinary action against any” user posting/sending “prohibited communications.” They qualify further they may act in the future on matters “flagrant” and “disruptive.”

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