Mayor Zimmer posted an early twitter at sunrise this morning and it sounds rather ominous:

Sitting on my deck watching the sun rise and drafting an apology letter. I am disappointed in some actions by others.

Although it’s not clear what this is in reference to, a blind guess it may have something to do with announcements related to municipal layoffs.  Da Horsey really has no idea on this one.  But if the mayor is disappointed in someone and writing an apology letter…not good.

Update:  The mayor issued another twitter today explaining the first:

I apologized in letter to employees because they should not have learned details of the layoff plan on the internet due to release by state


Which leads us to a reader submittal yesterday noting the final twitter posted by Peter Cammarano as mayor:

I would like to thank everyone today for the birthday wishes, hope everyone had a great time at the opening night for St. Ann’s feast

The next morning at around 6:00 am, the FBI was knocking on his door for their sweep in Operation Bid Rig.

What does it all mean?  Twitter ain’t just for kicks.  

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