Turn out the lights and turn the page: City Council @ 7:00

 Turn out the lights, the party’s over. The obstruction, the grandstanding, the attempt to keep Hoboken government operating in the dark ages of its On the Waterfront past.

Tonight, mostly housekeeping on the agenda with a public portion should someone get up to offer thanks for political operative pay or a personal favor offsetting the wretched attempts in 2011 to undermine the finances of the City of Hoboken and shut down Hoboken University Medical Center.

Many people are already in holiday mode and will quietly await the changing of the Old Guard council as its time expires.

It’s the last official council meeting for Terry Castellano, Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti. Next year Michael Russo will welcome Ruben Ramos as Tiffanie Fisher and Michael DeFusco take their respective council seats.

The times, they are a-changing.

Mayor Zimmer will give remarks on the outgoing council members. Not sure why but she’s always placed the office of mayor above any personal concerns. Unless she has two bags of black coal for Castellano and Mason from the City and the hospital, there’s little of merit in anything else added.

Perhaps she’ll read some special emails aloud. MSV has a few; a few ten thousand or so that would make this city cringe.

The agenda is here:

Update: Neumann Leathers is up for final approval tonight as part of the second ordinance.
The final vote saw easy passage with Councilman at-large Dave Mello abstaining.

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