Tsunami makes direct hit – Can you hear us now?

In what has already been called the biggest political upset in the life of most living Americans, Scott Brown defeated the Bay State’s Machine Candidate Martha Coakley.  In a comfortable five point win MSV predicted earlier, the shockwaves flow across the nation and reverberate all the way back to Washington D.C.

For those who are less than attuned to the details. Massachusetts turned a 31 point pirouette just a year since Obama took office.  To call it a landslide itself is merely an understatement as the seat controlled over decades by the Kennedy family has been turned in a full half pike gainer by the swimmer from the dirt.

They’ll be more to say.  But let’s put it this way: people in Hoboken talk about decent government and fighting for transparency and basic good government and this is an answer on the national level especially to the bill being written by anonymous people in back rooms with the vast majority of Americans in opposition.  Teabag this.

Can you hear us now?

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