Failures to address the real issues of Americans opens the door to rise of the forgotten “Clingers” and the politics of envy

Globalists have a plan for America. 
Renewed nationalism and independence fails to meet that objective. 

Seven state victories in the Super Tuesday primaries for the likely nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton push them to what many see is an inevitable clash come November.

Each tallied impressive delegate totals toward their respective party nominations but this election cycle, unlike any for most of the electorate’s voting and natural lives means there’s going to be more surprises to come.

We’re likely to see far more. Who’s in charge of saying duck during a future Arkancide?

Trump needs to hit 50% in at least eight states on the way to a Republican nomination, one the establishment, called GOPe is not wont to give or allow. As of last night, Massachusetts of all places was right on the door step at 49% but if that holds, no cookie. Winner take all states lie ahead but uncertainty on hitting the required magic number remains as several too many Republican candidates.

Last weekend, long time Trump political consultant friend Roger Stone said if Marco Rubio failed to get a victory in Florida’s upcoming Republican primary, the GOPe would turn to Mitt Romney to derail the Trump express.

Ed Rollins, the architect of the Reagan Revolution’s re-election bid stated it’s time to turn out the lights and get out of the way of Donald Trump’s freight train but not even Reagan faced as hostile an Establishment as this. Both inside and outside his party – united in lobbyists, special interests, bottom feeders and political hacks of every stripe with the lamestream media braying like hyenas before a national election determined to not have the gravy train ended.

They all have one target in mind. The guy who can challenge business as usual.

Expect that braying to reach a fever pitch in the next two weeks even as a different, reserved and presidential sounding Donald Trump held a strong press conference last night echoing moderation and unity of both party and country. How this holds up after eight years of envy your neighbor and induced division of every stripe will be the purest test of political wills.

And it’s for all the marbles.

For Hillary Clinton, all on the surface appears tranquil and a return to her much desired coronation for the nomination. Except her toughest opponent is not Bernie Sanders but federal law enforcement. He isn’t saying the real reason why but Sanders is sticking around for just that reason.  No one loves the FBI more right now than Bernie.

A signature is required first at the US Attorney General’s Office. There’s no love between the two Democrat leading families – past and present occupants of the oval office. If the determination is Clinton’s going to the pokey one way or another, who would they prefer aiding and abetting: Comrade Bernie or Donald Trump?

Last weekend’s southern primary showed South Carolina and the Democratic match up over as far as tallying voters. A significant 44% decline in the white vote followed however with a strong black vote locked down for Clinton. The Pupster didn’t have the black vote that locked up in the HHA even when collecting votes by hand in paper ballots.

Clinton’s landslide victory foreshadowed a further stomping this week as African Americans didn’t show the love or interest in Bolshevik Soviet style honeymooning. (Sanders went on a honeymoon in 1988 to the Soviet Union before the gulag utopia was shut down shortly thereafter.) Hillary’s large margins in southern states showed the shadow of Bill and steady hands at turning out focused voting.

The big story however is the freight train of “clingers” – regular Americans who feel cheated by a system favoring illegal aliens, rape-u-gees, and further dismantling of a manufacturing base (and US sovereignty) destroying any decent future for a working and middle class of all races and creeds.

The eight years of failure ignoring their perils via job loss, income and lifestyle ebbed together in a rising torrent of frustration the political elites never saw coming (or remotely cared to see). Does anyone believe the number of US Veterans committing suicide daily across the country is because they’re getting adequate government care through the scandal-filled Veterans administration?

For those who are among the record numbers of unemployed and underemployed, being ignored was only slightly less worse than being eliminated entirely from federal unemployment statistics. After they lose any connection in benefits tied directly to the Feds, they simply become the disappeared.  The disappeared in a dirty war in Argentina are better remembered.

Meanwhile, the effort to populate the country with new arrivals, legal, “refuge” or illegal has the look of a full fledged effort to build a replacement voter base shunting aside the working class and middle class Americans permanently. These Americans in the tens of millions are not deigned the “diversity” entitled. They are all but labeled as enemies of the state and they know it.

Even before Europe had begun to fall into a self-enhanced disaster of its anti-West unassimilating rape-u-gee class, Americans see the writing on the wall. From the politically correct pit emeged a faulty checkered candidate promising to put a stop to the bleeding and actually act to put Americans and the sovereignty of the nation first. What a remarkable concept!

You’ll be hearing cries of racist every time any of these simple facts are pointed out. Merely saying “build the wall,” stop the illegal migrant hordes, stem the overflow national heroin epidemic or overlapping Mexican drug cartel violence gets you banned by your “tolerant” friends on Facebook, ostracized or worse. 

That bankrupt politically correct intimidation Establishment is however failing in state after state with rising turnout numbers in the Republican primaries. Don’t underestimate the globalists who control the Establishment at every juncture. You can’t build a balkanized tranquilized third world state for elites with this kind of American clinger resistance.

They’re going to double down and seek to put the clingers down once and for all. That means America must be transformed and turned into a stewing pit of class envy fighting among themselves for the scraps and a lemming march for the easily indoctrinated. Global warming pause, anyone? 

See ya in November. Until then, keep your bullet proof vest handy and be ready to duck.

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