Trial set in Jersey City as Beth Mason seeks criminal conviction for being handed subpoena


Councilwoman Beth Mason’s hunt for a MSV criminal conviction
On Thursday at Jersey City Municipal Court, a trial date for an alleged criminal hand off of a subpoena at last September’s Hoboken City Council meeting to Councilwoman Beth Mason is scheduled for May 28th.
MSV is alleged by Beth Mason to “forcefully smack”  an envelope on her chest causing her to be “offended and alarmed” at the front of the City Council dais just minutes before the start of the September 17th City Council meeting.

Beth Mason alleged she was a crime victim after she and her husband, Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz evaded attempted delivery of subpoenas two evenings earlier at their upper Hudson Street house.

Richard Mason the next morning on Tuesday however could be heard on the 900 block screaming “NO!” as he lamely attempted to retreat up the stairs to his house from Hudson Street as service was completed. The Bajardi v Pincus trial had been scheduled to start the following week in Hudson Superior Court but was postponed to January.

Last July, Lane Bajardi offered contradictory sworn testimony on Richard Mason’s role in his years long $2,000,000 civil lawsuits against a dozen Hoboken residents. In March 2012, he emailed Beth Mason political operative James “FinBoy” Barracato he recognized “going with an attorney Beth and Ricky are comfortable with” is “key.” He claimed to be paying for the civil lawsuit but neither he nor Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi could recall while under oath the cost of the litigation in their separate depositions.

Last December, Beth Mason insisted to City of Hoboken officials and the Hoboken Police Department they block MSV attending and speaking at Hoboken City Council meetings. Accordingly, Mason demanded arrest if there was “a look” in her general direction.

In addition to Beth Mason’s request to block MSV’s First Amendment and Civil Rights attending Hoboken public government meetings, she’s publicly followed her criminal charge claiming she and her husband Richard Mason and family are stalking victims. She’s also falsely claimed according to a political operative she had a restraining order put in place. A “no contact” order between the parties is in effect until the end of the case.

The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office issued findings on Beth Mason’s demands at the request of Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante. The prosecutor’s office rejected Beth Mason’s demands stating there can be no barring of MSV’s right to attend and speak at Hoboken government meetings and arrest would not be a legal remedy available to her.

Beth Mason: alleges she’s a crime victim assaulted with an envelope
at the front of the City Council dais
just minutes before the meeting’s start.

MSV’s Da Horsey, SmartyJones addressing the City Council as
Beth Mason became unglued on the topic of the mayor’s stolen emails

Beth Mason represented in court Thursday alongside her attorney Steve Kleinman she will have five witnesses testifying on her behalf. Alex Booth, the attorney for MSV confirmed witnesses will appear on behalf of the defense.

Beth Mason filed a motion to quash her legally issued subpoena last October as did her husband Richard Mason. Their respective motions attempting to limit and block appearing in the Bajardi v Pincus trial was soundly rejected by the court. Each of the defense presented motions with certified emails to the court of both Beth and Richard Mason in connection to “the Hoboken couple,” re: plaintiffs Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi, pointing to over seven-thousand (7,000) emails between the parties.

Just before the start of the September 17th City Council meeting,  a Beth Mason paid political operative was heard saying, “Someone has to get him (MSV) out of here.” He followed MSV’s departure into the lobby before the meeting began after verbally harassing in the rear of the City Council chambers with a previously used line at an earlier government meeting months earlier, “How’s your dead brother?”

MSV reported on September 18th two OEM officials intervened to stop an attack by the same Beth Mason political operative in the lobby of City Hall.  The story highlighting that attempted assault included a public notice warning, “should any violence or additional phony police charges occur, Beth Mason would be held responsible” and MSV would “defend itself under the fullest extent of the law.”

Beth Mason responded filing a criminal complaint with the Hoboken Police Department the very next day. (See the police summons below.)

Back in November 2012, a repeated assault in broad daylight by Mason’s paid political operatives occurred within feet of her on upper Washington Street during the Hurricane Sandy emergency. 

MSV has seen dismissed five legal actions in just over five years. Four of the filed complaints were of the criminal variety including the last filed in September by Beth Mason herself.

All of the filed charges against MSV were generated by Beth Mason or in connection to her political operatives.

A copy of the September 19th criminal charges
filed by Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Alleged weapon according to Councilwoman Beth Mason:  a white standard no. 10 envelope.

Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen
& Katz heard screaming “NO!” while being
served in the Bajardi v. Pincus case.

On September 15th Richard Mason came to the front of his hallway standing behind two glass doors and refused to accept a presented large manila envelope containing subpoenas to appear at the  Bajardi v Pincus trial. The trial date postponed until late January was later thrown out of court abruptly as reported in the NY Post.

After announcing the Bajardi’s civil litigation in the July 2012 Hoboken City Council meeting, Beth Mason would later claim it had “nothing” to do with her. The City of Hoboken issued a December letter to both Beth Mason and MSV outlining its rights to publicly participate in government meetings.

MSV spoke twice in the last year at council meetings. The first on the topic of implementing improvements on Washington Street and a month ago thanking Hoboken residents who provided support in the Bajardi v Pincus case.

A one day public trial in Jersey City Municipal Court is scheduled for May 28th.

Beth Mason and her attorney Steve Kleinman (l) are seeking a criminal conviction of MSV after she was served a subpoena to appear in the Bajardi v Pincus case. Mason announced that civil litigation herself during a live City Council meeting 15 days before it was filed in Hudson Superior Court back in July 2012. 

Talking Ed Note: MSV is set to return this week with more of the Bench Slapped series. See Grafix Avenger for more on that story and Beth Mason’s fondness for censorship.

The malicious abuse using the courts against Hoboken residents and their First Amendment rights is a serious matter of public concern. You can help in seeing justice prevail against Beth Mason.

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