Tradition to law edges out “diversity” activism on Zoning Board appointments

Some initial Horse Sense political analyis on the early 2016 City Council meeting last night

After the pomp and circumstance got out of the way with the unofficial swearing in of newly elected and re-elected ward council members, the new Hoboken City Council got down to business.

First order of business the council re-org. Councilman at-large Dave Mello immediately nominated Councilwoman Jen Giattino for Council President. It’s her second time doing the honors.

The newly voted Council President immediately returned the favor, nominating Mello for Council VP. He too assumes a second one year term in the role but it comes in successive years.

Then the first order of actual business was an odd proposal to flush down the toilet $5,000 of Hoboken taxpayer money. Actually, that would be a wiser expenditure then the new second ward councilwoman’s proposal to have official City notices printed in the pro Old Guard rag.

You know, the “community newspaper” which City Clerk Jimmy Farina pointed out (not that anyone was listening) that the requirement under the law required a daily with a “paid circulation.” Shuttled through under some non-generic advice of corporation counsel only added to the muddle for the weekend fishwrap seen more around town in gutters unread everywhere.

It could be worse. But you’d have to write out the check to ISIS, whereabouts Raqua, Syria.
We’re not exactly off to a good start here.

Then the all important appointments to the Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustment

Here’s the list:

Full member: John Branciforte and completing three year term: Owen McAnuff.

Alternates:  Ed Mcbride, Dan Weaver and Cory Johnson.

6th ward Hoboken residents will be pleased to see its choice
for City Council was elected by her colleagues to a second annual term
as City Council President. Salud Jen Girl!

Talking Ed Note: More on all this especially the new flex under Jim Doyle. I mean Jen Giattino.

Let’s be careful out there and not let down our pets and farm animals who were left out in the cold last night. Not a single one got a diversity nomination to the Hoboken Zoning Board.

Did you know that this Horse and other equine colleagues genetically favor single story rectangular structures?

True story.

Chickens like low lying (SROs) Single Room Occupancy buildings. They like to hob knob with friends and make pecking head bobs toward the ground.

Along these lines, some council members “appear” to believe that distinctions on applying the law on zoning are genetic and “time of life” driven. 30 year old young families have a genetic predisposition toward malls and nail salons. Millenials like shiny, new, big…. 30 story towers?

Who knew?

More on all this later. For now, the rapid-fire Giattino leadership standard has once again taken root. The meeting (loaded below) ran less than two hours.

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