Trading on and selling out America, the Biden Family way

For those with a strong stomach, you can go to a Chinese website called “G” news and add dot org to see the utter depravity of the 50 year-old son of a US Vice President acting as a bag man for his father in numerous countries and hostile enemies of America including Russia and Communist China. 

The totals in the many millions acquired both during and after Joe Biden held the title of Vice President while a pending presidential candidate is not altogether clear but the nations on the family collection list is growing with Romania, Oman and Luxembourg among others added to the investigative pile.

Alleged pedophile photos with an unclad Hunter Biden, the son and Biden family international energy maven have finally surfaced inside the United States today connected to the abandoned laptop left in a Wilmington, Delaware computer repair store.

Why Hunter Biden preserved such alleged lurid and incriminating photos is best left for another day. The story of national security breaches and bonafide threats is mounting as evidence independent of the Hunter Biden laptop are piling up from different witnesses who are independently turning over texts, emails, documents and voice recordings to federal law enforcement and investigative reporters.

In addition to one jailed business partner of Hunter Biden who turned over 26,000 emails to one investigative reporting team before he was transferred from a low security federal prison to parts unknown another person who worked with the Biden family on international energy business deals in recent years involving both Communist China and Russia has stepped out of the shadows providing his own documented evidence.

This as Big Tech and the globalist corporate Democrat media are actively suppressing all elements of the story other than to immediately dismiss it along with the independent corroborated evidence and witnesses.  

Some might call that election interference.

Last night, the newest witness, veteran and Democrat Tony Bobulinski came out of the shadows putting forward his story with the Biden family. He offered evidence providing documents, text messages and emails originating not from him but to him to show the story of how the Biden family was trading on or rather, selling out the United States to Communist China.

Bobulinski reacted to being called part of “Russia disinformation” and demanded that Congressman Adam Schiff (D) renounce the accusation and the Biden family admit to its falsity. He recorded and revealed part of a conversation where his threat to go public with the evidence was met with whining by a Biden confidante.                                                                                                                    

The unofficial burial took place in an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson, who is now the biggest draw on cable news reaching more than five million people. Tony Bobulinski spoke about his alleged dealings with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and their family soldiers in an effort to score a major Communist China energy deal. The currency in the deal: the Biden name.

Does anyone find it ironic how Joe Biden seeks to suppress American energy independence at home while his bag man son is working to score millions with other countries in energy companies abroad? 

Here is a segment of last night’s interview: 

Related:  The core reason for the impeachment sham earlier this year comes into crisp focus. A phone call between Ukraine’s president with President Trump inquiring on what was going on there with a questionable and corrupt energy concern was leveraged to protect the guilty.
The entirety of the Russia Collusion Hoax has been inverted on its head. 
Just imagine if this was the Trump family. Would this not be blaring on and on all day, every day.

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