Trader Joe’s in final discussions to open in Hoboken

From the desk of Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Good morning neighbors, family and friends, 
As many of you know, Trader Joe’s has been rumored to come to Hoboken for some time now.  Well, the rumors are true, but the deal is not finalized.  At this week’s council meeting, the council was prepared to hear a resolution on an agreement to settle the last issue with Trader Joe’s to make this a reality.  And I know many of you are excited with the prospect.  
The center of the issue is around parking and delivery truck traffic flow and its impact on pedestrian safety.  And I emphasize pedestrian safety.  I am too excited for Hoboken and Trader Joe’s potentially coming to Hoboken for many reasons.  However we have to get the pedestrian safety measures right.
I am confident that we can, but it will be at the expense of parking and tractor trailer truck traffic in our northeast Hoboken neighborhood.  I am less concerned with the loss of parking, but maneuverability getting in and out of 13th and Clinton will be tricky, and need to be executed with precision.  Trader Joe’s will be very popular, so in the beginning I foresee this area being very busy (more than it already is) with vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  Many of the suggested measures will include, but not limited to, reworking several intersection and their corners and traffic controls for others.
We are likely to have a special council meeting on this matter early next week.  Please understand I like the idea of having Trader Joe’s in Hoboken, but we have to get it done right with pedestrian safety and truck traffic flow of paramount concern.  I welcome your comments and thoughts, and happy to have a discussion with anyone who wishes to give me a call.  Thanks and enjoy the weekend!!

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