Tonight City Council meeting @ 7:00 – the grown ups are in charge

The special council meeting to correctly complete the budget amendment will be moved ahead this evening.  Based on the utter waste of time and the insistence on holding the previous meeting on June 29th where no amendment of any sort could be passed, expect the wailing and gnashing of the teeth to reach screeching new heights.

And this even before the Feds begin dragging bodies away.

The amendment is anticipated to maintain the existing surplus in the range of $4 million.
Undoing the non-binding amendment passed at the previous meaningless meeting is the first order of business before moving on the passage of the new one.

Expect lots of waving of arms, grandstanding, and hyperbole all done in the name of the taxpayer.  It’ll be the last thing the Council of No does on the taxpayer’s behalf.

For more reasons than can be stated now.

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