Tomorrow is Election Day, for Hoboken too for BoE

MSV is well aware our community is not fully powered on and that the
injury to it in many respects has left many weakened and damaged.  Nevertheless NJ
is going ahead with the election.  With kind apology to those who don’t
have power or are struggling with losses and damages, we’ll attempt
to cover both.

From the Kids First BoE ticket:

Dear Friends,
We hope this finds you safe and well. Like many of us, you may be without power and focused on the immediate needs of your family. However, the Election is still happening on November 6th and it is important to vote for things that will shape our community for years to come. In three short years Kids First is making a difference and we can’t afford to go back to the days of waste and corruption. 
If you can, we need your help to Get Out the Vote:
Drop by 626 Bloomfield, Monday from 4PM to 9 PM, and Tuesday starting at 7 AM, to grab a Kids First T-shirt, a Kids First button and Kids First voter information cards. Hold a campaign sign. Hand out literature. Only an hour of your time will make a difference in this very close election where every vote counts! 
Regular polling places will be open on Election day and your vote will count!  Polls will be open from 6am to 8pm. Either on machine ballot (if power) or paper ballot (if no power). If your regular polling location has changed, signs will direct you to your new location.
You can find your regular polling location by texting 877-877. Enter your street address along with Hoboken, NJ in the message. Hit  send and you will receive a return text with your voting location. 
If you absolutely can’t make it to the polls you can vote by email or fax. Here are the instructions:
Remember to Vote Columns K-L-M for the Kids First Team of Tom, Jean Marie and Ruthy. Kids First has the support of Mayor Zimmer!
Finally, PLEASE forward this email to your friends and neighbors. Spread the word about Kids First!

MSV standing policy is to allow submittals of announcements of candidates for election without any editorial addition.  In the case of the Move Forward Nazi truck backed BoE ticket, we’re making a first time ever exception.

Putting defamatory material about MSV on a Nazi truck, Beth Mason’s illegal contributions and the assaults on our person for no reason on Washington Street as Councilwoman Mason stood feet away with silent approval, etc, think clearly what this element will be delivering to the schools and taxpayers who foot the bill.

The more things change….

It’s in your hands now.

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