Tom Greaney's New Year's Day Kickoff Party

Tom Greaney, candidate for the 2nd ward City Council seat this May currently occupied by Councilwoman Beth Mason kicked off New Year’s Day with a brunch well attended by over 70 people in uptown Hoboken earlier today.

The brunch included some real star power: City Council President Carol Marsh, Council members Ravi Bhalla and Dave Mello, Hoboken Housing Authority commissioner Jake Stuiver, Hoboken University Medical Center board member Eric Kurta, Republicans of Hoboken chair Diana Davis, former City Councilman Mike Lenz and a number of 2nd ward community activists – MSV won’t name them for this event.

Spirits coming off New Year’s Eve were extremely high and the banter ran well into the evening for a mere brunch. Good vibes, hearty laughter and positive expectations for 2011 were clearly the order of the day.

Gee, wonder what Tom Greaney’s New Year resolution will be?

Some of the crowd during the during the brunch that ran well into the evening.
Hey’s that’s the Jolly Green Giant Kurt Gardiner (l) and Councilman Dave Mello .

Tom Greaney (r) enjoys a hearty laugh with a group including Councilman Ravi Bhalla

Tom Greaney and Councilman Dave Mello paused to give Da Horsey a shot

HHA commissioner Jake Stuiver joined in the day’s revelry with Tom Greaney too

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