Tom Greaney kicks off 2nd ward city council run

Here’s 2nd ward council candidate Tom Greaney speaking yesterday at Lola’s addressing several dozen supporters at a kickoff event.  Tom is a measured speaker but more importantly a measured thinker.  He’s been running for the council seat since January but he’s now ready to put things into high gear taking on the monied and heavily consulted Councilwoman Beth Mason.

The contrasts between the candidates is dramatic.  While Tom is thoughtful and committed to the 2nd ward, Beth Mason has shown a tin ear on many issues and has continuously attempted to fool the voters she is something she is not on taxes, spending, ethics, and ability to work with others.  Councilwoman Beth Mason has shown almost a pedantic childish need to oppose Mayor Dawn Zimmer for nothing more than the sake of opposition, even when it’s to the clear detriment of Hoboken.

In short, Tom Greaney is everything Beth Mason is not.  What many claim Beth Mason is today is a shadow of what they remember and hoped for when she was elected in 2007.  As one People for Open Goverment founder put it, “Being in elected office hasn’t been good for Beth Mason.”  It hasn’t been good for Hoboken either.

In the video here, Tom Greaney asks for support of 2nd ward residents to get the job done and become not just the ward’s new councilman, but to be an accountable councilman.

There’s a difference and it’s stark.

As an example, you will never see Tom Greaney pull stunts like this political operation Beth Mason did in City Council.  It’s only one of several she was caught red handed doing in her brief role as chair:

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