Today’s Zoning Meeting: Up to bat…

A reader submitted this item for tonight’s Zoning Board meeting:

Well, it’s been 2 months and the variance for 38 Jackson Street is now back on the Zoning Board’s agenda.  This Tuesday, the 21st, the Zoning Board will hear the request for the 348-unit variance.  Please see the emails below for a little history on this variance request.
Note that at this meeting, the developer’s planner, engineer, and traffic consultant are scheduled to make their presentation to the board.  Members of the public have the right to question each of these individuals, as well as make general statements afterwards during the public portion.
Whether you’re for or against this project, I encourage you to come out and have your voices heard.  The mere size of this proposed project makes it very significant to all of us here in the 4th Ward, 2nd District, and I believe the thoughts of the public should be addressed.
The meeting this Tuesday begins at 7pm in the bottom floor of City Hall, directly across from where you pay parking tickets.  The agenda calls for 2 quick votes on some resolutions, followed by a vote for another variance application. I’m guessing the Board will move to the 38 Jackson variance by 7:30pm.

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