To serve… Hoboken?

In addition to the Hoboken Zoning Board openings, there are a number of other local boards looking for citizens ready to serve.  The City noted yesterday…

Hoboken City Hall
Applicants Also Sought for All Other City Boards and Commissions
The City is also seeking applicants to fill vacancies on all other boards and commissions including Alcohol Beverage Control, Historic Preservation Commission, Hoboken Housing Authority, Library Board, North Hudson Sewerage Authority, Planning Board, Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board, and Shade Tree Commission. Applications should be submitted to the City Clerk’s office.

Talking Ed Note: Some insightful chatter yesterday in comments about service to Hoboken and local activists who have contributed to the grassroots Reform movement.  Although NJ ELEC requires and maintains records of campaign contributions for anyone donating $300 or more, a recommendation at the last City Council meeting said the answers should be made on the board application.
Others see this as another disingenuous argument equating public service for no pay with those who would purchase influence.  They’re correct.  Moving the goalposts as a way to criticize activists who provide service without being takers is hardly equivalent.  
It’s a sign of the times proving the divide in Hoboken is large when it comes to the values motivating public service. The bitterness and the argument can be traced to 2009 when the idea of a contribution and an unpaid position on a board was all the Masonista rage.
In the interim, the Mason family has made an utter mockery of Hoboken pay to play ordinances and trampled completely any concept of fair play and self-restraint.  As in the Doyle litigation, the Move Forward Nazi Truck BoE race last year, it’s all come to naught.
The more history repeats itself…

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