To H411: Now serving – PWNAGE by the ton

Yesterday we took a stroll late in the afternoon at the Hoboken forum.  For those readers of the site, it’s known as the real Wild West of the east.  And it’s been on relatively good behavior of late, a flare up of a long simmering Hudson Shark feud with another popular Hoboken personality heating up now and then.

If you love rumors, political operatives planting same, and a roundhouse kick to the jaw, this is the place for you.  And frankly we love to spar with the stable of combatants who enter.  It provides not much of a challenge but some light entertainment.

And so we came upon the famous Hoboken411 operative Mark Lower.  Not just a dog walker and unofficial photographer of Oscar, but the original voice of censorship on our fair land and an insight into the mind of a control freak.  (You have to actually leave Hoboken411 to gin up a real discussion with differing opinions.)

As one would have it we got into a brief scuffle with “Mark Lower.”  He posited the following titled “Keep Dreaming:”

“Brinkman will be lucky to come in fifth.  Patty Waiters has more friends in town that (sic) Nathan.  Even the Republicans are angry at him because he’s not on the street for Chris Christie.  Apparently Christie is too liberal for neo-con Nate the Lonegan man.”

Okay, he’s not getting accolades for his prose but at least he ended with a flourish.  Not thirty minutes later an email came in from the Nathan Brinkman campaign.  Did I know that there was a Chris Christie event with the candidate in Hudson County and that Rudy Guiliani and Nathan Brinkman would both be featured speakers?  Well we could scarcely believe our luck.  And we got the video.  Our jolly green giant friend at the Hoboken Journal has also posted the video.  But he doesn’t even yet know how much pain he’s heaped in highlighting this too.

To Perry and the whole gang of H411 Mason operatives: sorry, you just got pwned!  As if the Mason commercials and flyers touting a tax increase isn’t bad enough. Now this:

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