Timmy Time in the park: Let’s have a park party celebrating me!

The ever shameless Tim Occhipinti despondent a ribbon cutting ceremony opened the newly refurbished park on lower Jackson Street without him is holding his own self-celebratory party for the park Saturday.

He’s managed to take credit for the park while doing nothing himself at least several times now, most recently at the last City Council meeting during the New Business discussion.  The council members exhausted after another full night of MORTe politrickin made no comment when he did so as Occhipinti looked pleased to throw one self-congratulatory moment on the barbie.

One day Director Leo Pellegrini is going to slug him and be given a citation – an order of achievement.

Parents should not be exploited in the ruse and neither should their children.

The voice of the artist on lower Jackson St. is speaking out on Occhipinti’s latest ruse.
They aren’t happy with Timmy and remember his vote buying scheme all too well.

Talking Ed Note: Someone do the universe a favor and explain to Tim Occhipinti the 8th commandment “Thou shall not bear false witness,” is not a suggestion.

Repeatedly taking credit for the work of others is tacky at best, unseemly at worst.  Okay, Da Horsey does know this is Tim Occhipinti we’re talking about.

Tell him anyway.  Tell him at the Jackson St. playground with lots of parents around.  Or tell him here where the usual voices of political operatives are trying to salvage the lie: 

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