Timmy Time in the 4th?

It’s Timmy Time, maybe not in the fourth ward this November but on PolitickerNJ featuring a Q&A with the current occupant of the seat.

Timmy Occhipinti offers a mixture of the Hoboken forging ahead and his changing with it.
The answers hold some intrigue in the mixture of old Timmy and new Timmy.

Timmy Occhipinti is a candidate again for the fourth ward City Council seat as pictured here in 2010 pursued by Sara Stojkovic, a pal of frivolous SLAPPer Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and Beth Mason.

Old Timmy took credit for things he really had no hand in, re: Mama Johnson’s field.
New Timmy doesn’t automatically attack progress in Hoboken led by reform and the administration.

One of the biggest issues not mentioned is Hoboken University Medical Center.

Occhipinti had been an automatic vote for what was deemed the Council of No, four dedicated council votes against anything Mayor Zimmer or its reform oriented council offered at bi-weekly meetings. If Mayor Zimmer issued a proclamation the sky was blue, four votes lay in wait usually with lengthy grandstanding, calling for an investigation with an hour or more of pontificating how such a claim could be made and repeated attempts to hijack or overthrow the order of a vote.

Glory days of the Hoboken Sopranos, led by council members Michael Russo, Terry Castellano, Beth Mason and of course Timmy Occhipinti.

Uncredited to his political resume, Occhipinti actually was the pivotal vote in reversing course and voting to complete the sale of HUMC, the former St. Mary’s by stepping out of the way and allowing the essential garage adjoining become effectively approved in the sale.

Beth Mason and others were intent in strangling the hospital to death while it was running on fumes in October 2011. Once Occhipinti indicated he would vote with five other council members in an emergency Sunday evening council meeting, the jig was up.

The hospital was saved, the administration not destroyed as Beth Mason political operatives crowed  and new Timmy is running for re-election.

The PolitickerNJ story is less dramatic and available here.

Timmy Occhipinti would like a repeat of this 2011 swearing-in ceremony.
It’s an uphill climb as he faces Dana Wefer and the expected announced
candidacy of Ruben Ramos.

Talking Ed Note: One memory Timmy Occhipinti would probably like to forget is giving testimony in one of the most visible frivolous litigations in NJ history. The SLAPP heard ’round the world.

Occhipinti testified earlier this year as a witness on behalf of Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi stating he did not pay Lane for his “debate prep” work on his campaign.

No one ever accused Timmy of paying anyone.

Emails in discovery revealed Lane Bajardi working at senior levels on the 2010 Occhipinti for Council campaign, one Beth Mason underwrote officially in the amount of $14,000 but unofficially far more.

Occhipinti was brought in as part of a fool’s errand to testify to nothing of importance. He could not aid the Bajardis and his testimony was over in two minutes. Not a single defense counsel asked of him a single question.

The Bajardis attorney shortly thereafter rested their case and the defense had the entire matter thrown out of court mid-trial. All of which must have come as a shock to Timmy who read this satire as if it was real in an earlier City Council meeting. 

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