Timmy time: another MORTe staged absence?

At last week’s council meeting, the absence of Tim Occhipinti was celebrated at least by some in attendance not including the mostly over sized Beth Mason political operatives filling up the mostly empty chambers of course.

Timmy arrived after 9:00 pm just in time for his favorite part of the meeting: New Business.  Very convenient and very unfortunate for the council members who had to listen to Timmy’s two questions which of course droned on into a morass of his wandering, babbling and run on sentences going for what seemed like 20 minutes.

If there is a leaf on a grate in the fourth ward, you are going to hear how Timmy took steps to get that leaf removed from the grate, how the administration failed to salvage the leaf and then the wonders of Timmy and how he so saw the unique individuality of this leaf; it became part of an art program at the Connors elementary school.

So was this another staged MORTe absence?  Looks like it could be based on a tweet to Hoboken Patch talking about “year end” work keeping him away. Alliance Bernstein does year end work in January?

The question is if MORTe planned to have Occhipinti out to stage a marginal passing vote on the temporary budget or was it part of the ruse where Michael Russo would throw out his revised version not required by State Law?  Was Timmy’s absence just part of the equation in undermining the temporary budget or not?

Tim Occhipinti arrives at the City Council last Wednesday just in time for New Business and leaf removal.

Talking Ed Note: Stepping outside the council chambers at 9:00 pm who is walking in but Timmy. “Hi Timmy” was the New Year greeting. Timmy ignored the hello and kept his head down and went in. He’s more akin to friendliness with Hoboken411. He pushed an ugly political screed from the website Beth Mason runs her political operations on his Facebook page promoting a phony political letter by the imaginary resident “Kathy P.”

They all share an antipathy for the First Amendment, part of the ties that bind.

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