Timmy Occhipinti platform: ‘We want Hoboken Mardi Gras back!’

Tim Occhipinti announces plans to bring back mardi gras style St. Patrick’s Day 

In an appeal to low information twenty-something voters, Tim Occhipinti announced as mayor he would bring back the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  The parade in Hoboken, the fuel to a full day of alcohol induced libidinous carousing across Hoboken led to scores of residents being held hostage in their homes as swarms of drunken visitors in the tens of thousands went on rampages like locusts against both residents and property.

In the two years since the parade was cancelled by the parade committee which refused to hold it on a Wednesday as requested by Mayor Zimmer, the level of criminality and injuries arriving at the local hospital and alleged criminal activity has dropped dramatically.

Back in 2010, MSV’s horse sense editorial St. Patrick’s Coming Titanic Disaster urged serious changes saying the Bourbon St. Amateur Hour would lead to a horrible outcome giving Hoboken a national black eye.  What followed was cracked skulls, appliances thrown out of upper floor windows and the Fire Department seeing its members having flower pots thrown at them in the course of their duty.  The mardi gras atmosphere overwhelmed law enforcement and was heading to loss of life and the resultant lawsuit(s) that would undoubtedly follow.

Until the first Saturday in March was denied as an option to the parade committee by Mayor Zimmer, there was by all objective accounts sheer mayhem increasing year to year with millenials making trips up and down the East Coast marauding across town insulting, assaulting, leaving property damage, urine and resident outrage in their wake.

Timmy Occhipinti’s Facebook makes clear he’s going for the debauchery vote urging
millenials to register and vote to bring Hoboken’s mardi gras St. Patrick’s Day back.
It’s a travesty and a Cyran shame.

Hoboken resident’s vocal complaints were ignored by a feckless City Council and the political might of bar owners who didn’t want to see any decrease in the windfalls of the day.  Some have continued the “tradition’ with a frat boy style party promotion MSV dubbed Leper-con.  The event has whittled back the marauding masses citywide and contained it to a far smaller, manageable event downtown.

Occhipinti who is the political creation of Beth Mason’s checkbook and other money interest from outside Hoboken back in 2010 is also backed by politico and developer Frank “Pupie” Raia atop his ticket for mayor in November.

Irish groups are split about the cancellation of the Saturday St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Locally, some pointed elsewhere as the cause of the problem saying the parade should be maintained on the first Saturday in March while other Irish groups condemned the event as a disgrace to the true meaning of St. Patrick’s Day.

Earlier this year, there was word circulating Tim Occhipinti approached the hospitality industry in town saying he would bring back the parade on a Saturday in an effort to obtain financial backing for a mayoral run. It failed but with the sponsorship of Raia and the Mason family, he’s now fished his wish.

Talking Ed Note: Timmy Occhipinti’s “gravy train” event should let everyone know what he values in Hoboken and it isn’t families, taxpayers or the will of the people.  Occhipinti has a reflexive habit of automatically siding with monied interests.  It’s what made him the occupant of the fourth ward council seat.  He hopes to see that loyalty propel him to the mayor’s chair this November.

Thank you very much Beth Mason.

Timmy Occhipinti Facebook graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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