Timmy Occhipinti campaign manager Jamie Cryan celebrates Eli Manning “curse”

The Timmy Occhipinti campaign is smarting from the national beat down from Coast to Coast as its campaign became a laughingstock over its juvenile self-promoting attacks on Hoboken resident and NY Giants QB Eli Manning.

After a dreadful start this season, Occhipinti Campaign Manager Jamie Cryan unleashed a new attack yesterday designating the Giants team’s losses to a “curse” for Eli Manning.

There’s no details on “the curse” other than an exhortation to “#SayNoToPolitics!” which must mean more along the lines of saying no to anything politically unfavorable to his candidate.

Does anyone really believe the Occhipinti campaign would say no to a Hoboken celebrity endorsement?  There’s still time maybe Beth Mason will buy one for them.  But who’s selling?

Timmy Occhipinti didn’t even say no to a engineering vendor in NJ making him and Peter Cammarano the only City officials to take money exposed in a statewide “pay-to-play” scam by Birdsall.

To this point, MSV has only heard the few (remaining) embittered Masonistas attacking Eli Manning with this gridiron “curse.”  However, they don’t run the Timmy Occhipinti campaign, Jamie Cryan does.

The word on the now infamous Occhipinti letter is Jamie Cryan was a central contributor along with  Amanda Palasciano, FinBoy, Britney Montgomery-Cook and of course Timmy Occhipinti.

Word on the street is Frank “Pupie” Raia who is the main underwriter to the campaign didn’t even see it along with Peter Biancamano and that they were both “furious” about its release leading into the Mayor Zimmer fundraiser with Eli and Abby Manning at the Madison.

On Facebook, Jamie Cryan clarified the curse.  He calls the Giants woes: the Zimmer curse.  Perhaps with only a couple of games, it’s premature to be selling that idea Jamie.

Maybe, you can try selling that awful toothpaste to some suckers called Timmy Occhipinti.
And good luck with that.

Talking Ed Note: Et tu, Jamie.

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