Timmy O: “I’m on the board but speaking only for me”

In the never ending saga of how to find your nostrils below the waterline in a pool, 4th ward candidate Tim Occhipinti has now added a clarification at Hoboken Now to go with his earlier criticism on Hoboken411 that the city kept the Boys and Girls Club pool from opening “with no explanation” as stated on his website.

That planted “story” was posted on Hoboken411 and has led to a litany of criticism after stories appeared here on MSV,, the Hoboken Journal and Hoboken Now all pointing out numerous contradictions in Tim’s assertion.  MSV originally sourced the true facts of the story based on the efforts of Hoboken resident Sean Iaquinto on his website.

As it turns out Tim is a member of the executive staff at the Boys and Girls Club – in fact a current member of its advisory board.  Last year Tim participated with many others in raising funds to have the pool open and this year the six weeks in the schedule saw an earlier date for the pool opening on July 19th.  This year there’s been no community fundraising to add to the six weeks of the pool’s scheduled availability.

MSV earlier contacted Tim to request a copy of his earlier release.  There’s been no response to that request made yesterday.  Tim and his handlers appear to be following a script where they coordinate an attack through Hoboken411 and restrict information through that propaganda vehicle. In this instance, the planted story accusing the city of “closing the pool without explanation” has blown up before taking hold.  MSV noted a similar media problem occurring in town in the short film, “James B, downfall of a wannabe shark.”

It’s somewhat ironic Tim Occhipinti has pointed a finger at the city for “closing the pool” when it hadn’t even reached its schedule opening.  That scheduled opening was first announced back in May.

As a participating member of the Boys and Girls Club Advisory Board, why didn’t Tim issue a dissenting view and voice an alternative, any alternative?  Once again, Tim’s handlers have failed him.  MSV would like to identify who is culpable for such advice but understands no one will probably accept culpability.  In the famous words of former City Council President and Occhipiniti advisor Richard DelBocchio, “Things are happening here.”

The 4th ward council seat up in November certainly warrants a full discussion of the issues and good debates among the candidates.  The fourth ward certainly deserves that.  To this point, Tim Occhipinti has gained publicity for his volunteer group launched last fall and done some good work.  But he’s now gained notoriety for pointing fingers regarding an organization he’s a current member of with a little probing from several local websites.  He however does appear eager to put that “issue” as he calls it in the rear view mirror.

To make matters worse, an effort to start a garden this past spring has turned sour with an expose by Grafix Avenger showing that effort dead and buried and apparently forgotten.

Another question still lingering is why Tim has only clarified he was speaking for himself and not the Boys and Girls Club after almost a week after coordinating the “story” with hate site Hoboken411?

Did Tim even clear his charge or notify anyone at the Hoboken Boys and Girls Club before doing so?

Photo: Tim Occhipinti leaving the Planning Board meeting last week.  The photo was submitted to MSV the next day.  Can Tim exit from the Boys and Girls Club “issue” he created without anyone noticing?

Related: The Hoboken Journal posted a picture with Tim Occhipinti working at the 5K race held yesterday in Hoboken.  Proceeds from the race are expected to go to the Boys and Girls Club and the Jubilee Center.

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