Tim TV and 3rd warders (and others) for Occhipinti

Tim Occhipinti has a YouTube TV ad up and it’s pretty interesting because based on a quick view, it doesn’t seem much connected to the fourth ward.  There are ties to other parts of Hoboken – the people in the ad, in fact the ad itself is mostly shot in the third ward.  There’s also a special guest appearing in the ad who works on the Occhipinti for Council campaign and served as Treasurer for the Mason for Mayor campaign last year, Ines Garcia Keim.

So Hoboken’s third ward does border the fourth ward but what makes it so special?  Yesterday, MSV walked past the Russo Civic Association and discovered on a whiteboard the following in green letters not readily visible from the outside window: “Vote for Occhipinti for the fourth ward” with a line below “in the river” in the same green marker.  The Association is in the Third Ward and it’s unclear why such a message would be appearing there as residents who might even see it would not be eligible to vote in a fourth ward election.  Nor is it clear who or what is going in the river.

A reader on Hoboken’s Wild West forum where political operatives dwell and many a rumor circulate hit on this noting on Tim TV’s youtube ad:

The Cammaronophiles are back

by FactChekker, 10/12/10 7:23 AM

Too bad Timmy O needs to get 5th,2nd and 3rd ward residents to endorse his “At-Large” campaign.2nd guy in the spot is Cammarano’s last operative, Ines Keim is Mason’s (edited) Operative, and the majority of the sham video is filmed in the 3rd ward with copyrighted music that is a crime unto itself

This post is sure not to last as paid political operatives have been busily plying their trade away having normal messages deleted.  (They were particularly unhappy with references to the voter fraud story on absentee ballots that appeared here.)  There is no true moderation on the board. outsources the work to a firm in India so any complaint with legitimate post(s) can be easily erased.

In this ad, Tim is apparently targeting professionals and Spanish speakers.  He’s made real significant progress getting the “locked in” vote from the Cammarano birther pool and there’s an obvious desire to get the Hispanic vote with a lovely dark brunette addressing the viewer in Spanish.  MSV would request she come help us with the “noise on our ballot.” Póngase en contacto con el caballo de inmediato – Please contact Da Horsey immediately.  

Oddly, the ad also has its campaign worker Ines Garcia Keim, a die hard Beth Mason supporter appearing in the ad.  TV ads typically feature “regular” folks to appeal to different types of voters.  It’s unclear what the message is in having someone associated with Beth Mason appearing.

Talking Ed Note: Things are heating up and there’s more than green markers flashing in this election.  Complaints are starting to filter in uneven distributions of cash have begun circulating for votes.  In the world of vote buying, the biggest sin isn’t selling your vote, it’s that the cash being spread around is discriminatory – in the amount.  More on this and Operation Bounty to come.

Update: The woman speaking in Spanish is a fourth ward resident and girlfriend of Tim’s campaign manager Jamie Cryan.  Da Horsey didn’t mean to make an untoward invitation and apologizes for any unintended offense.

Correction:  Ines Garcia Keim contacted MSV to note two points: first she considers the anonymous attack of that post on slanderous and although she held the title of Deputy Treasurer last year on Councilwoman Mason’s mayoral bid in the spring, she states she never held rights to issue checks by the campaign.

MSV apologizes for not editing this portion out of the original post and regrets any concern that posting it in total constituted an endorsement.

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