Tim Occhipinti unplugged: “NO” on Southwest Park

Here’s the unedited, complete remarks of Tim Occhipinti who occupies the fourth ward seat commenting on the ordinance before the City Council last night for a Southwest Park giving the City powers of eminent domain in additional negotiations with the owner of Block 12.

Does it sound to you like he’s speaking from the public’s side of the mic?  His prepared remarks attacking the mayor for her not delivering on a six acre park over “five years” is remarkable.  One obvious reason being that Mayor Zimmer has held the office for under three years.

Occhipinti says of a Southwest Park, “land can be acquired with proper negotiations.” Whatever that means.

Talking Ed Note: With all the deflecting going on here, you would think Tim Occhipinti has no vote on the matter of a Southwest Park AT HAND!

Are you buying what Tim Occhipinti is selling?  The developer who wants to use the existing parking lot across the street most certainly is.

MSV called it perfectly.  A cursory review of Tim Occhipinti’s short history on the City Council shows he ALWAYS sides with developers against the interests of the City, be it NJ Transit, the Rockefeller Group, or in this case a developer contributor who wants the space the City targeted to stay a parking lot for its customers.

Related: Some readers have submitted articles they believe are related to the current owner of the surface parking lot including this one from the NY Times but MSV has not confirmed it:

The NY Times again, this time mentioning Hoboken:

Post Mortem: After the vote and brief recess many people stood outside council chambers speaking.  MSV spoke with one group who spoke on the ordinance including Perry Belfiore and Dennis Shah.  Belfiore said he heard there was a large mortgage on the property in the neighborhood of $10 million but could not confirm it.  A man standing next to Belfiore was often the “one hand clapping” during remarks opposing the ordinance.  Not knowing his relation to the property a question was posed on any known mortgage.  To the question the man began screaming and cursing for about two minutes saying it was none of our business adding, “Go F*(& yourself.  Cram (your camera) up your #&^ and he wanted MSV to give him $10 million.  He paced back and forth menacingly cursing the whole while.  He was told it was a question, he didn’t need to answer and he could do likewise.

The unknown man continued complaining and yelling curses continuously and then blurted out he wanted a name.  Matt Calicchio then loudly yelled MSV’s name and followed by offering our home address to the unknown man adding repeatedly, “Sue him.”

Councilwoman Beth Mason should teach her employee some manners.

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