Tim Occhipinti surfaces with the party line lie on the hospital

Tim Occhipinti the yes man for all seasons (and Beth Mason) emerged on Facebook to answer a question from someone about the hospital.  Well sorta:

Notice Tim Occhipinti can’t manage an answer to the question on what his plan is for the hospital.  Well of course not, as the Council of No had no plan to SAVE THE HOSPITAL.  They talk and talk and talk about bidders, the imaginary bidders from the past and just today Hoboken learned how unfavorable their bids actually were and why they came in a distant second and third to Bayonne Holdco.

The Council of No had a plan and that plan was to KILL THE HOSPITAL.  But Tim can’t say that so he goes on a ramble about saving the hospital “long term.”  There’s no entity named of course, because – there isn’t any!

Today was a great day for Hoboken and an even better day for Hoboken’s HUMC.
We’re one day closer to seeing a positive outcome saving this hospital!

As for Tim’s logic here, he would probably tell a homeowner when they take out a mortgage to buy a home, that means they are in the mortgage business.

Who’s up to explaining the basics of finance to Tim Occhipinti on a REIT?

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