Tim Occhipinti – Street money time has arrived!

The election for the fourth ward seat next week is officially next Tuesday but the money is already flowing in the HHA.  The report appearing today on the ELEC site shows some interesting information contradicting all Tim Occhipinti’s earlier protests about street money.

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Street money Timmy Time is here confirmed not a day after Tim Occhipinti denied knowing anything about the hundreds of HHA vote by mail ‘votes.’  Yet already more than two dozen are listed ‘working” for his campaign.

MSV has taken an initial look at the report and notes several interesting aspects. There’s already over dozens* “campaign workers” appearing in the usual area of the Hoboken Housing Authority – all with that familiar signature payment of $40.

MSV can also confirm the latest (and maybe final) figures of vote by mail from the Hudson County Board of Elections.  The fourth ward is now up to 559 vote by mail ballots!!!

How much do you wanna bet most of these people have voted absentee/vote by mail?

Welcome to Street Money Timmy Time!

A sample of some of the $40 “campaign workers” listed on Tim Occhipinti’s newly released ELEC report.
Expect to see this repeated hundreds of times out of the Hoboken Housing Authority.  That report though won’t be out until after the election on November 2nd. 

Talking Ed Note: MSV has seen this coming all along and documented it every step of the way.  As we suspected all along, this story isn’t over.  In fact, it’s only heating up.
Will the other local media catch up?  Don’t expect to see this on Hoboken411.  Okay, stop laughing.  The little angry minion doesn’t like when you laugh at his “news” conspiracies.
More to come.  Promise.

Here’s the complete vote by mail lists for the fourth ward (excluding yesterday).
This list is updated now showing vote by mail ballots returned!

Complete Hoboken4thward10.26.b

And as reader Redrider requested, the Occhipinti ELEC doc for cross referencing paid ‘voters’ with ‘campaign workers.’  Start on that lists on page 13.
Occhipinti ELEC 10-27-10

* The lists is now up to 80. This story is breaking hard.

UPDATE: 2:00 MSV can now confirm that every single person on Tim Occhipinti’s ELEC report showing as a ‘campaign worker’ of $40 payments has also voted in paper ballots – all vote by mail!


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