Tim Occhipinti returns to exploiting the HHA well

There’s exploitation of the residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority at election time, an Old Guard staple and then there’s exploiting of individual members with no election in sight.  Tim Occhipinti jumps the shark with his latest Facebook entry attacking everyone and anyone he deems suitable to fit his reckless narrative using one “Mary Ann Camporelli” as his foil.

Here’s Timmy:

First, we’d like to throw Timmy a bone and help him out here.  If you are going to use a senior resident at the HHA as a political prop to make a tomfoolery reckless attack on the mayor, at least learn to spell the name of the victim you’re exploiting.  Her name is Marianne Camporeale, not Mary Ann Camparelli.

Moving on to the substance of Occhipinti’s screed… did I say substance?  There’s no substance here.  It’s a continuation of his behavior when the vote for a Southwest Park was before him.  Choosing any number of reasons available to state why he would reverse his position on eminent domain and a Southwest Park, Occhipinti spent the bulk of his time on an attack blaming the mayor.  This with the means for a Southwest Park right before him on the table for a vote.

If Tim Occhipinti goes down this cliff at the meeting Wednesday night, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it just as no one can fix the fact the coursework was not completed by the HHA commissioner Camporeale within the timeframe of the state statute.

None of this should come as a surprise.  After all Tim Occhipinti’s invisible army of hundreds in the HHA were mere cannon fodder for feeding his loopy arrogance in his “election.”  Unlike his 575 paid voters, I mean soldiers, this “Mary Ann” is going right under the Timmy HHA exploitation bus.

Tim Occhipinti (r) with Assemblyman Ruben Ramos from his campaign youtube commercial.  More buffonery on tap Wednesday night for “Mary Ann Camparelli,” the former HHA commissioner who didn’t meet state statute to maintain her position.”

Talking Ed Note: There’s good news if you only get word about parks from Tim.  He still hasn’t said he voted against a Southwest Park on his Facebook.  Nary a word on the matter and if you’re Tim Occhipinti, that’s the way you like to keep your peops, until you are ready to exploit them as props in a cheap political attack. Again.

Just another insight into the mentality of someone who benefited by being handed an office due to massive election corruption.  Those who were taken in by the phony “independent” Occhipinti and bought into the self-promotion of the clearing house Hoboken Volunteers, how do you like Timmy now?

Occhipinti exploits the HHA, but the joke’s on you.

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Da Horsey finds this Grafix Avenger takedown of Timmy unfair.  Isn’t there a law to aid those with Occhipinti’s limited faculties?  He should file a lawsuit as de facto member of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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