Tim Occhipinti pulls a stunt but it fails with a simple request

You hear the worst things about radiation. Radiation?  That may not be an exact quote from the Tuesday night budget hearing but it does come close to a somewhat accurate line from the movie “Repo Man.”  In this case it’s not a mad scientist carrying radioactive material in the trunk of his car but a reference to documentation as in “You hear the worst things about documentation.”

How can documenting something be bad?  Well watch the video clip and let Tim Occhipinti explain to you how sending an email of your request is an onerous request.

Tim Occhipinti has had enough of accountability with a written request and he’s not going to take it anymore.  Rather, he refuses to make clear a request to Director Ian Sacs in writing and sees standard professional courtesy as some sort of conspiracy.

Director Nick Trasente attempts to explain how and why a process of emailing a request is the best way to obtain answers for a detailed budget line item, but Occhipinti is having none of it.  He’s seen the way other members of MORTe abuse the directors in a  “gotcha game” of tell me the weight of an African versus European swallow and if there is no instant answer, it’s time to condescend and abuse the director for an indefinite period.

No one has seen more of that abuse than Director Sacs and he’s not budging that a professional request be submitted to him in writing.  Not so he can avoid answering the question but to be sure to specifically answer the question.

A ruckus ensues.

Before order is restored, Sacs makes it clear he’s not taking orders from Occhipinti and Councilman Russo says he reports to all of them as “we are all taxpayers,” which is certainly news to MSV.  Did Michael Russo buy some property in Hoboken recently?

Although Beth Mason was not in attendance, her spirit was there.  She’s infamous for telling everyone what they need to do for her and then complaining how it’s not satisfied in some weird way after the fact making sure of course not to have any evidence of what she’s asked for in writing.

Let’s call it the Mason precedent.  Occhipinti tried to deploy it and it failed.

A bad night for MORTe but a good night for professionalism and governance.  Director Ian Sacs demands professionalism and isn’t going to suffer fools gladly.  He met the “O” head on with aplomb.

Talking Ed Note: Watch this comedy gold clip and ask yourself, what professional organization would operate in such a manner on an $100 million budget?

For the record, the Directors are hired by the mayor and approved by the City Council.  The Hoboken Directors do not report to the City Council and the council can not give them orders – on anything.

So learn how to write a specific question Tim.  If you can’t then you don’t deserve an answer.  That goes for every other member of MORTe or anyone for that matter.

Send in the clowns, or in this case, the puppet.

Update: Can it get any worse?  Well yes it can.  Tim Occhipinti left the budget hearing early to go downstairs and visit a live Hoboken Zoning Board meeting.  The reports from witnesses there are worse if you can believe it.

Attempting to aid a structure built on lower Jackson Street before the board featured on Hoboken Patch, Occhipinti demanded to speak.  Asked by the Zoning Board Attorney, Dennis Galvin if he was a member of the City Council, he was urged to refrain from doing so.

Occhipinti became indignant not understanding council members don’t speak on matters before the Hoboken Zoning Board.  The meeting had to be stopped so the attorney could take Tim to the woodshed and explain the legal and ethical minimums required of a councilman.  Galvin has garnered statewide recognition for his ethics on legal matters while Occhipinti has earned the accolades of puppets everywhere.

The Hoboken Patch story, “Riddled with Violations,” is why Occhipinti was there – to demand to advocate on behalf of the violator.

One can imagine Occhipinti would appear as a character witness in a trial of the former construction office terror Al Arezzo.

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