Tim Occhipinti officially in for 4th ward council seat

Last night Tim Occhipinti made it official throwing in his hat for the special election this November for the 4th ward City Council seat.  Appearing last night at Northern Soul, Tim is looking to unseat Mayor’s Zimmer’s chosen successor for the 4th ward seat she vacated with her election to mayor last November.

Tim has become a fairly common figure at City Council meetings over several months, speaking at several.  Most recently, he joined with third ward residents to speak against the rumored move of the Municipal Garage to the site of the Pino’s yard on Jackson Street.  He also has become an attendee of some high profile health fair events sponsored by the HHA at the Mama Johnson field.

The 4th ward special election this November becomes the point of the spear in the contentious 24×7 politics rules the day atmosphere in Hoboken.  With Councilman Michael Lenz currently the fifth vote in the mayor’s working coalition, the intensity of the sole election this fall is sure to attract a lot of attention and become a focal point for attacks on the mayor’s administration.

Councilman Lenz has been a vocal figure on the City Council, often taking the lead in mobilizing and defending the working coalition’s agenda.  His effectiveness along with his storied history in Hoboken politics will add to the heat and intensity of the race.

Here’s a video of Tim from his earlier council run in the spring 2009 race.

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