Tim Occhipinti no Western Edge & commercial; advocates Rockefeller instead

Here’s a short video clip of Tim Occhipinti speaking against the Western Edge Plan last Wednesday night. Carefully note his support for a huge mega-developer who recently pushed for a 40 story commercial skyscraper in Hoboken as a centerpiece of a series of high rises. That 40 story building proposed by the Rockefeller Group in Hoboken would by far be the largest building in Hoboken.

So strikingly odd, Tim Occhipinti rises to complain about the commercial aspects of a mixed use plan presented in the Western Edge plan. Immediately thereafter, he says, “Rockefeller does want to have open discussions.” Really Tim, you took a meeting with the developer and they told you that? That’s so reassuring. Do they want to talk about how many stories their surrounding building should be around their 40 story mega-commercial centerpiece? Would it be 28 or 30 stories?
Here’s what Rockefeller themselves planted in a story last July:
But those familiar with Rockefeller’s working concept say the development is likely to have a number of buildings, including a tower up to 40 stories tall — which would become the city’s tallest building.
The project, which would cost well into the hundreds of millions of dollars, calls for no residential development; instead it would be all commercial real estate
The current Western Edge redevelopment plan Occhipinit describes as “ill-advised” brings limited commercial aspects but the Rockefeller Group with their 40 story tower and a 100% commercial development is good – that’s the plan we should be having “open” discussions on? Well, knock me over with a feather.

A Rockefeller Group commercial prototype – Tim Occhipinti’s commercial vision for Hoboken development?

Now Occhipinti in the same breath complains about mixed use with some commercial development in one plan on the table as part of the Western Edge redevelopment and then he pushes a megadeveloper who proposes a huge out of scale 100% commercial development changing the entire character and skyline of Hoboken.

Let’s see if the other local media pick up on the this mega contradiction. So far they haven’t. But warning bells should be going off now in all corners of Hoboken, not just the fourth ward.

Related: MSV earlier wrote a feature on Occhipinti’s favored mega commercial developer, “Hey Rockefeller, there’s a new sheriff in town.”
An story last summer detailed Rockefeller’s frustrated dreams for Hoboken.

Talking Ed Note:  MSV lost its Council footage taken of this exchange.  Fortunately, the Jolly Green Giant was there and also videoed this segment.  Video of Tim Occhipinti here courtesy of the Hoboken Journal.

MSV will look to obtain a response on this issue from Tim Occhipinti or his campaign.

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