Tim Occhipinti: ‘I have some ideas to make law’ or what do we have to do to get that darn Zoning Board Seat from Grafix Avenger?

Hoboken may be heading into the heart of summer where focus on germane government activities is less appealing than a baseball game or enjoying apple pie outdoors with family activities but Tim Occhipinti has other ideas.

The week isn’t even out after celebrating our nation’s founding on July 4th and once again Tim Occhipinti is leading the charge on trashing speech.  As MSV has noted before, he’s rather glib about doing so as we’ve noted here and in City Council:

Previously Tim Occhipinti has tried to earn Beth Mason’s family investment in him ($30,000 or more) by clearing a Hoboken Zoning Board seat for the “develop or die” developers club for men (but Beth likes it too.)  He’s placed a phone call to the Hoboken Police Department to send detectives to investigate political satire on the merits of the Star Trek “vulcan death grip” deployed by Spock on countless episodes – what Timmy called “a credible threat.”

Well apparently Tim Occhipinti (and sponsor Beth Mason) have had enough of the lampooning for all their ridiculous destructive behavior being highlighted on Grafix Avenger so Timmy is sponsoring an ordinance on the behavior of people serving on Hoboken boards.

Here’s the heart of Tim Occhipinti’s proposed ordinance.  Da Horsey’s comments are in brackets in blue.  MSV doesn’t think this “code” deserves to even stand alone.  Hoboken already has a due process procedure in place if needed on a board member’s conduct.  It isn’t anything like this nonsense.


The “Code of Conduct for Municipal Appointees” shall provide as follows:
A. All appointees to municipal boards, commissions, agencies, councils and
committees are expected to serve the City of Hoboken with
the highest personal and
professional integrity at all times.
 (Just don’t apply any of this to us.)  Accordingly, all appointees to such municipal bodies
as a condition of their appointment, to abide by the following requirements:

  1. Municipal appointees will abide by all applicable laws, regulations,
    ordinances and other legal authority governing the position to which they
    have been appointed.

  2. Municipal appointees will not engage in any business or transaction nor
    shall they have any direct or indirect financial or other personal interest
    incompatible with the proper discharge of their official activities or would
    tend to impair their independence or judgment or action in the
    performance of such activities.  (Unless it aids my developer contributors/friends.)

    A law firm must have written this but who would pay someone to do so?
  3. Municipal appointees will not improperly use the prestige and influence of
    their appointment for private gain or advantage.  (That’s my domain and Beth Mason’s)

  4. Municipal appointees will protect and respect the confidentiality of non-
    public information acquired in the course of their official activities except
    when authorized or legally obligated to disclose such information. Any
    such confidential information acquired shall not be used for private gain or
    advantage.  (But not us and please forward the emails of the mayor’s office to our pals. Thanks from Timmy!)

    Is there a law on the books for massive vote fraud?

  5. Municipal appointees will perform their duties in a professional and
    responsible manner. They shall treat their colleagues, municipal
    employees, appointed and elected officials, and members of the public,
    with respect, dignity and fairness at all times, and shall not disparage,
    defame or discriminate against any such person.  (We can’t stand that you highlight our stupidity and make funny pictures about us.)

    Tim Occhipinti with “friend” Frank “Pupie” Raia depicted here by GA at a VBM harvest.
  6. Municipal appointees acknowledge that as representatives of the City of
    Hoboken, they are expected to comport themselves in a manner that
    protects the City’s reputation and should not engage in any activity that
    would bring their appointed position or the City into disrepute. 

  1. Municipal appointees shall make sure that their decisions and actions are
    reasonable, fair and appropriate to the circumstances, based on
    consideration of all relevant facts, and supported by adequate evidence or

  2. Municipal appointees shall not utilize any facilities, equipment, supplies or
    other resources of the City available to them as a result of their appointed
    position for private or political purposes.  (Would that include buying a City Council seat?) 

  3. Municipal appointees shall not accept any gift or benefit that is intended,
    or likely, to cause them to act in a non-impartial manner in the course of
    their duties
    , and shall report any attempt to improperly influence them to
    an appropriate authority. (How about being a developer puppet?)

  4. Municipal appointees shall not make any public comment in a private
    capacity regarding the body to which they are appointed unless first
    prefacing their remarks by stating that such comment is made in a private
    capacity and does not represent the official view of the body on which they
    serve, unless otherwise authorized by the body as a whole to do so.  (Did you ever read the Bill of Rights?)

    Hi it’s Tim. Sign me up!

  5. Municipal appointees, in the event a conflict of interest arises, shall take
    appropriate action to resolve the matter, which may include disclosure of
    the conflict, relinquishment of the personal interest giving rise to the
    conflict, withdrawal (recusal) from the consideration or particular task
    where the conflict arises, and/or resignation from the appointed position.  (Like when you ignore the City Corporation Counsel not to vote on a matter Timmy?)

B. All applicants seeking appointment to a municipal body acknowledge that by
executing the “Application for Citizen Service” they have read and understand the
“Code of Conduct for Municipal Appointees” and agree that any violation of same may
constitute grounds to subject them to removal from their appointed position by the
Mayor or Council of the City of Hoboken, as appropriate to the particular appointment.

Any violation of the “Code of Conduct for Municipal Appointees” shall serve as
sufficient cause for the removal of an appointee, subject to appropriate due process or
other procedural requirements to the extent required by law for the particular
appointment at issue.

Can you believe this guy wants to be mayor?

Hi Hoboken, how about a Dr. Seus story?

How about applying a code of professional conduct to yourself Timmy?   
Add in Beth Mason and Michael Russo too.

All Tim Occhipinti original graphics courtesy Grafix Avenger

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