Tim Occhipinti goes rogue off his binder script

Videoed for your pleasure one bought and paid for council seat occupied by Tim Occhipinti, fresh off another “victory” with hundreds of paid vote by mail “campaign workers,’ courtesy of the largese of Councilwoman “Street Money” Mason.  (She’s invested at least $30,000 for that 4th ward seat in not much more than six months.)

Occhipinti interjects during a meaningless and grandstanding meeting on error prone budget figures and useless budget amendments and goes off his script.  Earlier he chimes in at the “request” of Beth Mason on what the council should do with its legally invalid budget amendment.  Occhipinti cheerily urges a vote anyway and of course that’s exactly what the Beth Russo hydra does killing an hour no one will ever get back in their life again.

What happens when Tim Occhipinti strays from his binder and his “marching orders,” due to a dull consistent throbbing boredom in his head and acts out on a little less than self-aware projection against Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

Councilman Dave Mello is having none of it. Although he notes Councilman Mike Russo receives plenty of text during meetings, he never says who they are coming from.

Would you like to know one believed among select others regularly texting Mike Russo at council meetings?  He was actually present at the meeting last night sitting quietly on what may be his handiwork in the error prone budget numbers and amendment fiasco. 

Anthony Pasqaule former housing director under Mayor Anthony Russo Wednesday night.

Talking Ed Note: Mike Russo says his life is an open book.  MSV officially invites him to submit phone records so text can be verified during Council meetings.  We don’t expect him to take us up on the offer.

Now why would Anthony Pasquale be texting Mike Russo?  Pasquale was on Beth Mason’s council slate in the spring 2009 mayoral race.  Of course we all believe Beth Mason who says the claim by Mike Russo in an FBI surveillance video that he choose Mason’s slate is untrue.  Why she even later invited the media to ask them.

So if that’s true why does Anthony Pasquale text Mike Russo during meetings?  
Shouldn’t he be texting Beth Mason?

The more you know…

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